About Takota

After 25 years of successful investing for my clients and myself, I launched Takota to continue to focus on the uncompromised, value-based investment practice that served our investors so well at my previous investment firm.

Starting out as an investment advisor in 1985, I came to realize that most traditional investment approaches were unlikely to bring the kind of significant long-term results I was seeking for my clients.

My search for a more sensible and reliable way to add value led me to Intrinsic Value Investing, which I see as a practical, coherent and intellectually satisfying framework for making investment decisions based on fact, analysis, and good business judgment.

Intrinsic Value Investing relies on two key concepts, Intrinsic Value and Margin of Safety. Together, these concepts provide a robust and common sense filter from which to independently and more accurately assess possible investments, away from the conflicting emotions, unreasonable expectations and short-term news cycles that can skew perceptions in the market.

My investment approach also gains from having held various positions over the years on company boards and committees, as well as from having established and run an investment firm over 18 years, culminating in its sale in the spring of 2008.

With the inception of Takota in 2012, I have regained the freedom to focus on my core investing principle; identifying strong value-based investments, as well as exploring all new investment opportunities arising out of the current economy.

Takota’s goal is to maximize our investors’ capital, taking into account their circumstances. We know of no more reliable investment framework and process than Intrinsic Value Investing to achieve that goal.

Scott Leckie, CFA
Principal and Portfolio Manager

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