Feats of Strength!

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For 26 years now Dr. Dave Ablack and friends have gotten together every December 23rd for the annual Feats of Strength (FOS) competition. Each participant attempts their maximum on three different lifts – a clean, a squat, and a deadlift. The crowd is composed of both men and women, young and older, experienced and developing. It isn’t a competition against one another so much as a celebration of each participant’s personal accomplishments. It is both a positive and supportive environment.

Eldest son Rob was only an observer this year due to the lingering effects of a concussion experienced earlier in the year in a car accident, but when able he is a formidable force of speed and power especially in the Olympic lift – despite being 6’4″ – not exactly the prototypical body type for an Olympic lifter. Middle son Campbell surprised himself with personal bests on all three lifts despite the difficulty of finding time to train with a full schedule of university computer science courses and exams to worry about. Youngest son Jack found some playmates and was occupied the whole time (plus getting his customary onsite haircut from Dr. Dave’s kind and beautiful girlfriend Ashley). Girlfriend Jillian Halligan never disappoints with her unique combination of femininity, beauty, and incredible strength. This woman looks like a super hero and to me she is exactly that. Her many admirers at the local Goodlife would have approved.

The old man (and it seems I actually am the oldest man participating) wasn’t so happy with his clean this year, didn’t participate in the squat because of a lingering meniscus injury (that will soon be better) but managed a new recent personal best in the deadlift (185k or 407lbs).

FOS 2018 Deadlift

After the competition was the customary unveiling of this year’s Steel Machine Feats of Strength t-shirts, a group picture and then off to an all you can eat sushi restaurant to catch up with old friends and where eldest son Rob took it upon himself to try to break the economic model of the business by ordering some 60+ chicken and beef satays.

What a great event is was again this year. I’m grateful to be able to be part of it and a part of the extended Feats of Strength community. Thank you Dave and Ashley.

Merry Christmas to all!


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