Happy Canada Day!

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As I enjoy our Canada Day weekend, I must say I’m feeling pretty good about being a Canadian right now.

With our Prime Minister showing a little bit of the spirit of his late father, with the intelligent and fiery Chrystia Freeland as our Minister of Foreign Affairs, and with Canadians rallying behind the PM in our dispute with the imbecile who currently stains the White House , I’m feeling pretty positive and proud of being Canadian.

Sure we’ve got our problems which in my view include a real estate and related industry (construction, real estate finance) that is responsible for far more of Canadian GDP than is healthy, and far too many shootings in Toronto, but this weekend I’m reflecting on the positives about being Canadian.

That was pretty easy while, enjoying the spectacular setting and BBQ at my girlfriends parent’s country home in Port Hope Saturday, or the cool waters of Georgian Bay Sunday (that’s my youngest Jack in the picture above). Pretty hard to beat a Southern Ontario summer I must say.

My strongest reason to be optimistic is because of our children. I especially feel that as I watch my two older boys navigate their way into adulthood with intelligence, great self- understanding, and humour, as I watch such things as my good friend’s son start his post university North American motorcycle odyssey, and as I watch those young Toronto Maple Leafs unburdened by any historic baggage break through barriers that years of disappointment have created in all of us (yes, the Leafs are on my mind this weekend too as they just signed John Tavares).

Enjoy the weekend! Enjoy being Canadian!


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