Takota Investments

Your best assurance of our best efforts: our own assets are invested alongside those of our clients.
Our prime focus is to to safeguard and grow capital by seeking the best intrinsic value opportunities available, with an additional focus on income (or not) depending on the chosen type of portfolio. These opportunities are as good for our investors as they are for us, which is why our investors and ourselves invest in the same portfolios.

To achieve this, we are dedicated to our investment process which aims at growing capital as safely and as efficiently as possible and is capable of delivering substantial returns over time.

We view our investors as partners.

Our investors are successful people with high expectations from whom we ask a commitment to our approach. At times, there might be a delay before the market catches up with our assessment of a company’s value. At other times, a crisis may develop that affects the price of all securities. In all cases, we continue to focus on the Intrinsic Value of our portfolio holdings and wait for the market to realize their common sense valuations while selectively taking advantage of the new opportunities that may have been created.

This may require from our investors patience in the face of adverse market conditions. In return, we offer an open, two-way exchange: we are always there to discuss our actions and our rationale. We want our investors to feel comfortable with their portfolio, and as informed as they choose to be.

Your choice of objective: pure capital appreciation, or income with some capital appreciation
We offer two portfolio lines: one devoted solely to capital appreciation, the other to income with some capital appreciation. Both follow our investment philosophy of seeking value and a margin of safety in all investments.

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