My Own Takota Income Value Account Returns 28.7% in 18 Months!

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As many of you know we started a new strategy to complement our legacy capital accumulation business last year, a strategy meant to provide investors who require income with an alternative to the low yields available in today’s low rate market. 

From time to time I have commented on the progress of my own Takota Income Value Account. I am excited to report that the gross* return for my own account is 28.7% over its first 1.5 years of operation (March 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017. 

What’s more – this extraordinary return was accomplished with a broadly diversified portfolio (maximum 5% weighting in any security with no averaging up or down) and with fully 50% of the portfolio sitting in cash for the entire period – a truly astounding risk adjusted return and the best that we can find in the income area over that period – anywhere. 

Below you will find a summary of those positions that have been sold over the period and their returns. Of course, the current portfolio is composed of continuing positions of varying degrees of maturity and profitability.

 The increasing popularity of investment strategies seeking to produce income in a yield constrained world has, in our view made the area of income investing fraught with potential pitfalls. Most securities are fully priced. However, with our broad diversification, our value focused process, our significant cash weighting (now 60%) and our unique knowledge of and experience with tools to be deployed to protect capital where required, we are highly confident that we can turn any future market challenges into profitable income investing opportunities.

 More about our Income Value Strategy and the progress of my own account in future blogs. Contact me for more information. 


 *gross return is the return before the application of management fees and performance fees. These fees reduce gross performance.

Takota Income Value Portfolio – Performance of closed positions —March 2016 (inception) to September 2017

This blog is for information purposes only. It is not a solicitation to invest in the Takota Income Value Strategy or any other Takota investment strategy. It is simply an update on a current corporate project, and my personal experience with that project. Individuals interested in actually investing in the Income Value Strategy would need to review with the Portfolio Manager the appropriateness of this strategy for their financial/investment objectives. The Takota Income Value Account is a managed segregated account strategy offered by Takota Asset Management. It is designed to provide income from a diverse source of opportunities, with reduced volatility, while preserving capital and retaining the capacity for some capital growth.

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