What To Do When The Market Is Falling Like Friday or Today!

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What should one do when the market is falling like it was on Friday, and like it is as I write this blog on Monday?

Well, what I did Friday morning was to do what I always do:

  • Check to see if there was any news of relevance concerning items in which we are invested.
  • Then I considered whether the market turmoil had offered up any opportunities that would cause me to want to invest some of the large cash reserve we have sitting in our Income Value Strategy Accounts, or cause me to want to trade out of any of our current holdings in exchange for something else in our capital accumulation oriented Classic Value and Premium Value Strategy Accounts and Partnership.
  • Finally, I checked to see if there was any opportunity that I wanted to take advantage of in my own trading account.

This took most of the morning………….and then………….

I met my son and his friends at the local outdoor hockey rink and played shinny hockey for two hours in the fresh air, only stopping when it was time to go get my hair cut.

This is not a “invest in blue chips stocks and ignore the market” message or at least not the usual one. The message here is 1. re check the fundamentals on your existing positions, 2. check for opportunities, and 3. leave it alone! Get away from it.

Today I did the same thing. It led to our establishing one new hedge/short position for the Premium Value Strategy Accounts and Partnership, and to my establishing one new long trading position in my personal trading account.

Now – it is time to go to the gym!

Leckie – out!

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