Life Lessons Learned From An Ageless Helicopter Pilot!

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Tuesday I had the pleasure of a helicopter ride to Montreal for a series of board meetings.

The especially cool thing about this trip was that my fellow board member, friend and excellent pilot is 83 years old and it was his helicopter in which we rode.

We put down on a farm to the East of Montreal owned by a former high profile Canadian federal minister whose name I should not use, now almost 90 years old – and had lunch with he and his lovely wife.

Our lunch conversation covered a range of topics including politics but also included some reference by these individuals to their lives – past, present, and future. It was during this part of the conversation that my 83 friend said to our 90 year old host what I thought was the most profound thing I heard on the entire trip. He said,

“I don’t want to worry about keeping my affairs in order for other people. I want to spend my time taking more risks and having more adventures.”

With that we borrowed a car and motored in to downtown Montreal for our meetings over the next two days and then helicoptered home.

This mini adventure and the recollection of what was said at lunch left me feeling refreshed and invigorated in my own life and ready to conquer my own challenges and pursue my own new adventures.


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